Top 10 Corporate Wellness Programs

Top 10 Corporate Wellness Programs  

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There are a great number of companies that offer outstanding corporate wellness initiatives, but the following are the top programs focused entirely on improving employees’ well-being and making them incredibly happier and healthier.

  1. Google 

Google offers various on-site wellness and healthcare services, such as massage and physical therapy, and their offices also have on-site fitness centers and classes. The company provides nutritious meals and snacks, offers flexible work hours, and provides opportunities for personal and professional development, such as degree programs, guitar lessons, cooking classes or anything else that the employees love. 

  1. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition provides its employees with full healthcare benefits, free organic meals and snacks, on-site massage and chiropractic care, acupuncture coverage, gym membership reimbursement, health coach training program, and many other benefits.

  1. Council on Foreign Relations

Council on Foreign Relations is very dedicated to work-life balance, which is why it offers an on-site gym, yoga classes, and various fun employee events, such as an annual ping-pong championship, which makes fitness a whole lot more fun.

  1. ZocDoc

At ZocDoc, employees can enjoy 100% paid health benefits, free catered lunches and snacks, weekly yoga classes and gym discounts. They also have a wonderful opportunity to de-stress and recharge their batteries in the Fun Room, where they can play the guitar, play various arcade games, or simply relax in a hammock. 

  1. Goodwill

Goodwill offers a corporate wellness program called Goodlife that provides education and awareness campaigns, health coaching, health challenges, and discounts to health centers and wellness resources. The company even goes beyond physical health by providing consulting services for both employees and their families.

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  1. Accenture

Accenture offers its employees an opportunity to engage in various health activities, including its online fitness program and classes for staying active on the go. It also provides an Employee Assistance Program for helping its workers effectively deal with stress, depression, anxiety or any other mental health problem.

  1. SmartPractice

SmartPractice takes employees’ wellness very seriously, which is why it encourages good health behavior and helps its employees improve the quality of their life. It does so by providing an on-site fitness center and an on-site wellness clinic where they can get health screenings and help from a nurse practitioner whenever they need it.

  1. Seventh Generation

At Seventh Generation, employees have free regular health check-ups, a health club membership, flexible work arrangements, and a support program that even includes their families.

  1. Lincoln Industries

Lincoln Industries has an on-site health center and a free on-site fitness center open 24/7 and available even to employees’ families. It also provides insurance discounts, organizes team competitions, and offers a paid trip to Colorado for team-building mountain climbing.

  1. Pro Athlete, Inc.

Pro Athlete, Inc. may be the winner on this list. The company provides an on-site personal trainer, healthy food options, quarterly health classes, biometric screening, meditation and yoga studio, monthly tournaments, Kansas City Corporate Challenge, and a full gym and cardio room that includes a racquetball and basketball court and even a pool.

Taking these companies’ corporate wellness programs in mind will help you create an effective corporate wellness program and take a big step toward both better professional development and happier and healthier employees.

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